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The types of service dogs I train are primarily psychiatric and any type of service dog who uses scent (allergy, diabetes, etc.). There are two ways I can help you with getting a service dog. I can provide a fully-trained service dog, or if you are local to the Springfield, IL area, I can help you choose and/or train a dog for service work. Please note that while I do participate in barn hunt and nosework, I do not train them. I can point you in the direction of the wonderful trainers I work with for these sports if you are interested.

If you aren't sure if a service dog is right for you, or if you know you want a service dog, but aren't sure if a fully-trained dog or training the dog yourself is the better choice for you, please contact me! I am happy to help give you the pros and cons of each option, and see what works better for you. I'm here to help, I've been where you are.

Get a Fully-Trained Service Dog

The first option I offer is to provide a fully-trained service dog. I will care for and train the dog until they are ready to work (usually around the age of two). In that time I will work with you to determine what tasks would be the most effective for you and train these tasks in the dog. I also make sure the dog is socialized and comfortable around other dogs, cats, and all types of people. When the dog is ready to work, I will deliver the dog to you and work with you for several days to a week to help you learn the dog's tasks and adjust to having a service dog by your side.

Please contact me to discuss the price of this option if you are interested. This also covers a number of supplies that will be delivered with the dog, including leash, collar, vest with patches, at least a week's supply of food, and a toy or two that the dog is particularly fond of. This amount can be paid over a period of time, but must be fully paid before I deliver the dog. If, within the first 6 months, the dog does not work out, you have the option of either returning the dog for a refund or returning the dog for another fully-trained dog. Beyond 6 months, if the dog does not work out, the only guaranteed option is returning the dog for another fully-trained dog. (In certain circumstances, a refund may be possible, I am willing to discuss things and work with you.)

Get Help Training a Dog

If you live in or near the Springfield, IL area, I can also help you train a dog that you have. This includes everything from picking a dog with the right personality, helping decide what tasks the dog should do, training the actual tasks, training the dog etiquette for being in public, anything that is needed.

Helping to choose a dog with the right personality is no charge. All other rates are $40 an hour or $20 for a half hour. I will work with you as much as is needed to get the dog ready to work. Please do note that this option requires much more work on your part - I will generally work with you and your dog once a week to once a month depending on what stage of training you and the dog are at, and you will have things to practice in between training sessions.